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Exception-driven development
Don't wait for your users to tell you about the problems.
Exception reports will be automatically sent to our servers and presented for you to view them on the web.
If you have a web site or a desktop application you care about, start collecting the feedback now.
why you need

See crashes live

Inspect crashes online as soon as they occur. See how frequent each exception is. Filter out the ones you have already seen.

How it works?

You install CrashKit client code into your application.

CrashKit client code intercepts unhandled exceptions and sends them to the server.

CrashKit web application processes the exception reports and allows to view them online.

Get every detail you want

CrashKit automatically gathers product version, os version, processor type and other small yet important details.

E-mail notifications

Learn about new bugs before your users even notice. Fix them before the users complain.

We won't spam your inbox, though: similar crashes are never reported twice during the day.

Smart grouping

Not all crash reports are created equal. Some differ in details. Some have different stack traces, but still occur at the same spot.

1000s of similar exception reports are grouped into 10s of bugs. You only have to see and deal with those bugs.

That's why we can avoid filling up your inbox: you are getting only one e-mail per bug per day.

QA support

See the bugs that only happened in your QA environment separately. And also separate are the bugs happening on developer machines.

Expect more QA tools to come as CrashKit evolves.

Start using in five minutes

1. Add CrashKit client code to your project.

2. Tell it your app name and version.

3. Feed all your uncaught exceptions into CrashKit.

Bug tracker integration

Assign ticket ids to CrashKit bugs. Open the assigned ticket in one click. Quick ticket creation coming soon.

Lighthouse, Trac and Redmine are supported.

Currently we support:
Java, including OSGi applications,
Python, including Google App Engine,
JavaScript for your AJAX code.

Please tell us what else you need by specifying it when signing up for the beta. We'll do our best. (Or just e-mail your ideas to us.)

Sign up?

We are only running a limited beta at the moment. But we promise to invite you within a month.

Limited Beta

We'll send you 2 e-mails: your beta invitation and the final release announcement.